Rowing (the whole) Atlantic

[caption id="attachment_223" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Liv on the Atlantic during the Row for Hope"]Liv on the Atlantic during the Row for Hope[/caption]

Twenty-five year old Paul Ridley, left his job last year to prepare and train for rowing solo across the Atlantic. Starting in the Canary Islands on January 1st, he made landfall in Antigua on the afternoon of March 29th. This makes Paul the third, and youngest, American to accomplish this task.

Paul, who rowed while a student at Colgate, was searching for a suitable memorial for his mother who had died of cancer. The result was to create Row for Hope, a charity benefiting cancer research, that would benefit from the publicity attending his athletic challenge.

For photos of Paul's recent finish, his start three months ago and the fascinating process of the custom construction of the boat--named Liv (Norwegian for "Life")--you can see the Row for Hope photo stream.