Locomoting a dynamic warmup

[caption id="attachment_671" align="alignleft" width="242" caption="Ido Portal\'s Locomotion Conditioning"]Ido Portal's Locomotion Conditioning[/caption]

Robb Wolf linked to some of the capoeira-inspired floreio improvisation his friend Ido Portal is developing. It's great stuff, but demands a high level of gymnastics skill (more than I currently possess or aspire to).

But, looking through Ido's site I came across a set of basic locomotion drills he uses for warm up and conditioning. I've been wanting some different ways to mobilize prior to doing jiu jitsu and there's a lot in here that's useful. Some of these skills are familiar like the duck walk and the lizard walk, while others are new to me, like the horse and ostrich walks. Ido notes that the routine includes:

many different kinds of locomotion, in various challenging positions - on your hands, while squatting, crawling close to the ground, with locked knees, in a wide sumo-stance, etc...
Each movement provides a different and valuable component in the workout, from mobility to strength endurance, stabilization and more.

I've embedded the Beginner's Version of these drills as a starting point, but do take a look at Ido's piece and see the intermediate and advanced progressions. The dynamic stretching and warm up from these drills is a much better way to get going than static stretches.