The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

Taylor Simon, a strength and fitness coach in Kingston, Ontario (Canada), engages in a little straight talk.  He wrote this post on his blog about a week ago and it has gotten quite a bit of attention.

He begins his rant by admitting to a certain passion for being honest.  Brutally honest. The starting point was this internet meme he discovered and identified with:

The first of his six rules is what he calls "the two minute rule":

In a mere two minutes I can tell you if someone will be successful in their quest for a leaner physique. And two minutes is being safe. It is probably closer to about 30 seconds. And this applies not just to fat loss but also to the rest of your health and fitness goals.  If you blame yourself – success. If you blame everything else – no success. Period.

It's worth your time to read the remaining five rules in his list.  While he applies them to fitness, they actually apply to all of life--if you want something badly enough, you need to apply yourself without making excuses and you'll get there.  Otherwise -- no success. Period.