Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How does nuBound provide benefits to athletes?

A)        nuBound benefits athletes by facilitating cell replication. The principal ingredients in nuBound’s proprietary nucleotide complex are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. nuBound accelerates the cell replication process by providing an external source of nucleotides to supplement to what your body synthesizes naturally. The primary mode of action of nuBound is through accelerated cell proliferation. nuBound is beneficial whenever rapid cell growth occurs, including:

    • Immune system response;
    • Post-exercise recovery and repair of muscle and connective tissue;
    • Production of red blood cells.

Recent research looking at nucleotide supplementation and exercise suggests other significant effects, which include lower levels of both cortisol and myeloperoxidase following the stress of exercise.

Cortisol is a catabolic stress hormone, which breaks down muscle protein, as well as suppressing immune system function. Lower levels of cortisol mean less opportunity for tissue damage and a more rapid rebuilding of muscle fibers and connective tissue following exercise.

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is released as a result of inflammation and oxidative stress due to exercise.  Scientists measure MPO to gauge the stress level from exercise.  Lower levels of MPO following exercise, indicate lower levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, which means that recovery can proceed more readily.

Q) Are nucleotides safe?

A)       Absolutely. Nucleotides are present in all natural unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and fish. Any food that is composed of cells contains nucleotides, but generally in very low concentrations. What makes nuBound unique is that it provides a high concentration of nucleotides in a convenient form.

Q) How quickly does nuBound start working?

A)        nuBound begins working immediately. Most users notice the beneficial effects within the first week. The perception of this benefit is related to the intensity of training ...  the harder an athlete is training, the higher the stress and the larger the benefit from dietary nucleotides in supporting recovery. Anecdotally, many athletes report a reduced incidence of colds and upper respiratory infections over the course of the season.

Q) What is the recommended dosage?

A)        The normal supplementation dosage for nuBound is 4 capsules daily, usually taken as 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening (or following exercise). In circumstances where your body faces unusual stress, you can safely increase the dosage to provided added benefit. In the days prior to, during and following competition or periods of heavy training (eg, speed or interval workouts or long runs/rides) you can safely double the recommended daily dosage to mitigate this elevated stress. 

The breakdown products from nuBound are water soluble, so maintaining hydration means they are quickly flushed from your system.

Q) Can nuBound cause stomach upset?

A)        This is unlikely. In fact, the assistance nuBound provides for cell replication is beneficial for the intestinal lining.

Q) Is nuBound a vegetarian product?

A)        Yes. nuBound contains no animal products. The raw material we use to produce the nucleotide concentrate is brewer’s yeast (the extraction process removes all traces of yeast residue).  All of the inert ingredients are derived from plant sources. nuBound is packed in vegetable gel capsules.

Q) Is nuBound kosher?

A)        While nuBound does not have a kosher certification, it is completely vegetarian. The product itself is extracted from brewer's yeast and it is packed into capsules made from vegetable gelatin. nuBound is somewhat analogous to the sandwich spread Marmite (in that it's made from an extract of brewer's yeast). Marmite has been listed in the Really Jewish Guide (of London) for some time as suitable for a Kosher diet, but with the status of 'not manufactured under Rabbinical supervision'.