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Exercise is a part of your life, whether you're a competitor or just staying active to be healthy. You know that exercise improves everything.

A key part of better is ensuring that your nutrition supports your active lifestyle.

nuBound Leads the Revolution

Sports nutrition is evolving. In the 1960's, scientists at a university in Florida came up with the idea of replacing the salts, sugar, and water your body uses during exercise. Sports drinks were born.

Up until the 1990's whey protein was just a cheese making by-product, when scientists re-purposed this convenient source of nutrition. Whey protein recovery shakes were born.

In this new millennium, nuBound introduced nucleotides to speed recovery for athletes. 

Wait... ...Nucleotides?

Yes nucleotides. They are the small molecules that make up DNA, RNA and ATP. Scientists have known for decades that dietary nucleotides boost the immune system. For the past 20 years all major infant formula brands have added nucleotides for their beneficial effects.

New research shows nucleotides reduce the stress response to exercise, lowering tissue damage, speeding recovery, and boosting performance for athletes.